Many communities and organizations do not get an adequate opportunity to make a strategic analysis of their actual situation. They are just absorbed by current operations. An intuitive ap-preciation is not appropriate in many situations and lacks objective criteria. Therefore a systematic approach is strongly recommended. This must not be expensive and it provides more certainty.

We set up for you controlling systems that are adapted to your real needs, systems you can rely upon.

The point to start with is always the goal you want to reach. What instruments are available to you to reach the objectives? Do you have operational goals? Finally, we are looking out for indicators. Then the accomplishment of objectives and deviations from the goals can be measured.

We analyse your existing data to set up a database able to provide you with indicators pointing to a successful strategic management. Our experience shows clearly that such data very often is available but not currently in use. Sometimes synthetic activity variables are requested. This en-ables you to get an adequate feedback for the respective reporting level. Every management level can focus on its own criteria for adequate controlling.

An appropriate selection of indicators is required. It depends on your own database. Activity indi-cators are frequently in use for example in education, society and social, sports and culture as well as transportation. They allow measurement on qualitative items and are helpful to check the achievement of qualitative goals. The result is a management cockpit that provides an overview on the operative goals and their achievement.

As soon as the steering system is functional and the strategic analysis done, the question is where this will lead to. An effective controlling provides trend indications. These can be proven with statistical methods. You obtain an analytical appreciation. Can the set goals be reached? Questions such as: Why are alimony payments increasing so much? Why did we have a sharply increasing number of cases in social welfare? Would a different approach in processing claims free spare resources? What potential is accessible to reach the goals more precisely? Should we consider a change of strategy for the future?

Our specific knowledge in project management allows you to obtain a relieve in the long run: we develop with you financial controlling systems. At the end of the project, we look for a knowledge transfer to your staff. This guarantees a positive impact of the innovation for your company.