Energy and Transport

Problems around energy supply and concepts in the transportation industry have grown in importance due to global warming. The impact of human activity on global warming is controversial. Switzerland has signed the Kyoto Protocol. This claims a reduction of greenhouse gases, where the reference is the emission level of 1990. It can be expected that countries that do not reach these goals will have to buy certificates for emissions. For this reason, an effective use of energy in the economy and especially in the transportation industry is of top importance.

For this purpose input-output models describing a modern economy are very helpful. They show the interdependence of economic entities considering the economic interaction between industries. The following lecture shows simulations made with input-output-models (Doc-file, 1’617 KB) where 40 different industries have been defined. See an example of interdependence here, (XLS-file, 709 KB)

We have assumed basic research work in the energetic and transportation industries and offer manifold experiences in this discipline.

To illustrate this competence, you find data from the energetic (XLS file, 731 KB) and transportation (XLS-file, 602 KB) industries.