Finance and accounting

The finance and accounting fields are located between two poles: Regulations and guidelines on the one side and the required transparency of management systems on the other side. We provide assistance to set up an economic solution fitting your needs.

Public finance

Solid knowledge base of the cantonal finance system and its steering and controlling systems including internal audit. Ac-counting with and without New Public Management.


Conception, installing, operation and further support of Controlling applications including monitoring needs of cost, productivity and profit management. Solutions for the strategic steering in finance and qualitative goals.


Advice for services, support of staff in business administration, mainly accounting and audit.


Knowledge base on IPSAS, the International Public Sector Accounting Standards, this is the parent guideline to the private IFRS.


Support for the implementation of solutions in accounting and con-trolling. Audit of organisational structures.

Community projects

Strategic management of communities under the application of a Management Cockpit and extension of local promotion. Example: Einwohnergemeinde Langnau im Emmental, they provide further information on their website The chapter Politics/Administration gives a report on the Management Cockpit (available in German and French only).