Organizational structures

Organizational structures

Organizational structures are subject to periodical updates. Communities have not only to run according to criteria in business administration. They have a public sector responsibility as well. This is especially true for locally responsible communities. Here we provide you our manifold ex-perience. We can give you support when you have to tackle projects that need the approval of the local government or the parliament.

Cooperation and merger

Many tasks grow beyond the possibilities of communities and cantons. In such cases, cooperation allows the achievement of bigger amounts of tasks still at lower cost and nevertheless at higher quality level. To give you examples: garbage management, education, public transportation and flood protection. Financial and operational aspects can be checked, including existing internal structures; conceptual contributions for new cooperative solutions can be provided. During the evaluation potential scenarios with expenses and outcome may follow. One has also to consider changed interaction with the canton or other communities or the effects of modified financial compensation between communities. Therefore, technical aspects in democratic (in Switzerland direct-democratic) systems have to be considered as well. The political process, what services have to be provided and how these have to get their funds has also to be considered.

Market analysis

Is the public swimming pool really up to date? Or would unpretentious extensions bring in more visitors? Why is the attendance so small in the local museum? What needs to be considered by the manager of the museum? We appreciate to provide you effective support when we have to do with market structures and marketing

Going private

How far can we go to transfer publicly operated services to private management and even private financial responsibility? What are the key facts to be observed with a private mandate? We bring you know-how to prepare a fair decision on this topic.